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Houston OSHA Certified Mechanical Contractor

Consistency with safety training and certifications is crucial to our safety success.


Current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) – .71

Current “Days Away, Restrictions, or Transfers Rate” (DART) – 0.48

Current “Injury & Illness” Incident Rate (I&I) – 1.90

Safety is of paramount priority to our company culture. As an OSHA certified mechanical contractor, our ultimate objective is to send our employees home, each day, in the same condition in which they arrive. We recognize that our commitment to safety extends beyond our employees and work peers, but also to their communities and family members.

We have developed a safety program that exceeds the goals of OSHA. Our program is responsive and proactive to the changing regulatory climate and to what are considered best work practices in our industry. Based on feedback from our employees, we continually adjust and improve our safety management system to meet the demands and challenges encountered in the field. We look to resolve those challenges with innovative and unique processes that set our company at the cutting edge of our industry.

We require every field employee to complete our extensive in-house safety education program, as well as engage in ongoing safety training. At a minimum, employees in a supervisory role are OSHA-30 trained. Furthermore, there are regular safety meetings, pre-construction meetings, site and scope specific assessments, job-specific SDS books, lift plans, excavation plans, jobsite PPE, equipment training, daily safety checks, third party safety audits, and quarterly management safety committee meetings. Our commercial HVAC and plumbing safety records are a priority here at Gray Mechanical. 

Safety is infused into the Gray Mechanical culture, not only through copious training and continued education, but through our recognition and incentive program. These programs, centered around safe conduct and the demonstration of proactive efforts towards maintaining a safe work environment, have proven to encourage safe work practices.

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