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Commercial Plumbing Equipment Replacement & Retrofit Services

Defective plumbing systems and leaks can cause many problems for a business and result in replacing equipment.  The best way to avoid this situation is to have a high-performing team of professional like the technician’s at Gray Mechanical to provide cost effective solutions. They will address problems that arise in a quick manner as well as ensure that all your plumbing systems meet state regulations.  It’s reassuring to know that the Gray Mechanical team will be ready to assist you in reducing:

  • Leaks
  • Inefficiencies
  • Expensive repairs
  • Business closures

If you are having problems or your equipment is near its service life, it time to call of team of plumbing professionals at Gray Mechanical

Commercial Plumbing Equipment We Can Replace or Retrofit

Gray Mechanical can replace or retrofit all kinds of commercial and industrial plumbing equipment, including:

  • Domestic Water Boilers
  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Domestic Water Booster Pumps
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Air Compressors
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Domestic Water Storage Tanks
  • Rain Collection Systems
  • Domestic Water Heaters
  • Recirculating Pumps
  • Water Meters
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • Gas Regulators
  • Gas Meters
  • Road Drains
  • Lift Stations
  • Grease Traps
  • Sewage Ejectors
  • Sump Pumps

We provide tailored industrial plumbing equipment change-out and commercial plumbing equipment replacement services. No matter the size of the job, Gray Mechanical can provide the right solutions for your organization. If you have old systems and equipment that need to be replaced, or even if you are constructing a new commercial or industrial building, we can take care of every step of the process for you.

Unrivaled Experience

Our team of professionals at Gray Mechanical has years of technical and industry experience in installing and maintaining commercial and industrial plumbing systems.

Latest Technology

We understand that defective systems and leaks can cause many problems for organizations. That is why we only use the latest technology and systems.

Quality Assurance

Our skilled team of technicians and engineers can carry out any necessary water and sewer system repairs, as well as re-piping. If any systems are damaged beyond repair, our certified technicians can install new high-performing systems.

Commercial Plumbing Retrofit Services

Here at Gray Mechanical, we offer an extensive range of commercial and industrial replacement services. Our team can help you with any commercial plumbing equipment replacement requirements you may have, as well as offering comprehensive commercial plumbing retrofit services.

We have worked with all kinds of organizations across the Greater Houston area and understand the importance of finding cost-effective solutions, which will minimize the disruption to your business. No job is too big or small, and our team of certified technicians can install any new parts or complete plumbing systems and help ensure that your buildings are occupancy and ADA compliant.

Contact one of our friendly team of professionals today to discuss your plumbing system needs in more detail or to get a free replacement quote.

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